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4099 news (production / funding) available in total starting from 20/05/2002. Last updated on 24/11/2014. 436 news (production / funding) inserted in the last 12 months.

24 November 2014

Production – UK

Michael Lennox enters A Patch of Fog

20 November 2014

Production – France

Sandrine Kiberlain toplining Imagine

Production – France

Damien Odoul’s Fear enters post-production

Production – Slovakia

The shoot for Goat wraps

19 November 2014

Production – Romania

Marian Crişan preparing Orizont

18 November 2014

Production – Switzerland/Romania

The Miracle of Tekir in production

Production – France

Ares: Ola Rapace in a futuristic world

17 November 2014

Production – Romania

Finishing touches for The Self-Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter

Production – France

Sami Bouajila sets his sights on the Olympics in Sam

14 November 2014

Production – Denmark

Lindholm goes to war in Afghanistan, with real soldiers

13 November 2014

Production – Hungary

Loop: caught up in a time warp

Production – France

Raphaël Nadjari filming Yzkor

12 November 2014

Funding – Italy

BLS backs Tornatore and five additional new projects to the tune of €1,745,000

Production – Ireland/UK/US/Canada

Lenny Abrahamson commences Room

11 November 2014

Production – Denmark

Vinterberg ready to move into The Commune

10 November 2014

Production – France

Madame Courage: psychoactive drugs and teenagers for Merzak Allouache

07 November 2014

Production – Sweden

Sweden supports Norwegian Pyromaniac and Danish Tordenskiold

Funding – Germany/Finland

Iron Sky 2 crew kicks off a major crowdfunding campaign

06 November 2014

Production – Denmark

From Denmark to Afghanistan: Sadat’s Wolf and Sheep

Production – France

The shoot is about to kick off for Les désemparés by Julia Kowalski

Production – Lithuania/Romania

Lina Lužytė asks Do You Love Me

Production – France

J'ai dégagé Ben Ali: arthouse comedy meets the Arab Spring

05 November 2014

Production – Bulgaria

Milko Lazarov prepares to visit the Inuits

Funding – Italy

The Italian Ministry of Culture supports new films by Sorrentino, Frammartino and Mollo

Production – Germany/Romania

Anca Miruna Lăzărescu in post-production with That Trip We Took with Dad

03 November 2014

Production – Bulgaria

Ralitza Petrova in pre-production with Godless


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