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4332 news (production / funding) available in total starting from 20/05/2002. Last updated on 29/05/2015. 449 news (production / funding) inserted in the last 12 months.

29 May 2015

Funding – France

An advance on receipts for Cornelius, The Howling Miller

Funding – Estonia

Three Estonian micro-budget features receive funding

28 May 2015

Funding – Netherlands/Germany

New co-development fund supports two film projects

Production – France

Philippe Lioret shooting Les yeux au ciel

Production – Poland

Jazz and espionage for Janusz Majewski’s Excentrycy

27 May 2015

Production – France

Audrey Fleurot and Michael Nyqvist to star in L’amour qu’il nous faut

Production – Italy

Scamarcio and Chiatti reunited in Io che amo solo te

Funding – Netherlands

The Hubert Bals Fund supports ten new projects

23 May 2015

Cannes 2015 – Funding/Europe

European Audiovisual Observatory: The creative industry has great potential

21 May 2015

Cannes 2015 – Production/Sweden

After 30 years, Peter-No-Tail will return to the screen

20 May 2015

Production – Spain

Icíar Bollaín is scouring Europe for an olive tree in El olivo

Cannes 2015 – Production/Distribution/Europe

Industry representatives suggest creative concepts at the European Film Forum

Cannes 2015 – Production/Denmark/Germany

Zentropa opens new German connection in Hamburg

19 May 2015

Cannes 2015 – Production/UK

Creative England announces greenlit iFeatures at Cannes

Cannes 2015 – Market/UK/Georgia

F&ME takes 20 Steps with The Caucasian Film Service for three features

Production – UK/France/Germany/Egypt

A pan-European partnership for the Palestinian comedy Catch the Moon

Cannes 2015 – Production/France/Denmark

Eight stories of what happened in the 24 hours before 9/11

18 May 2015

Cannes 2015 – Funding/Distribution/Europe

Global strategies for film financing and distribution tackled at Cannes

Production/Training – Italy

The nine projects for FrameWork 2015

Funding – Latvia

Latvia raises its cash-rebate budgets

Cannes 2015 – Production/Denmark

Copenhagen among The Untamed in Escalante’s new feature

17 May 2015

Cannes 2015 – Production/Sweden

Daniel Espinosa to helm a new version of The Emigrants

Cannes 2015 – Production/Sweden

Swedish UN Secretary-General brought to life again in new film

16 May 2015

Cannes 2015 – Production/Sweden/Denmark

Avanti Sweden: Nordisk Film opens new production company in Stockholm

13 May 2015

Funding – Belgium

The 20th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session supports new films by Sam Garbarski and Harry Cleven

Production – UK/US

Jim Broadbent gets The Sense of an Ending

12 May 2015

Production – Belgium

Let the merrymaking begin for FC De Kampioenen 2: Jubilee General!

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