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CANNES 2016 Market / Italy

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The Mafia features prominently in Marco Bellocchio’s future


- CANNES 2016: While Sweet Dreams has already been sold in 16 countries, the director has unveiled his next project, on crime boss Tommaso Buscetta, Il Traditore

The Mafia features prominently in Marco Bellocchio’s future
Director Marco Bellocchio (© Directors' Fortnight)

"So far, Sweet Dreams [+see also:
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has been sold in 16 countries, including the United Kingdom." This nugget of information was revealed by Beppe Caschetto (IBC Movie), the producer of the film by Marco Bellocchio that opened the Directors’ Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival, which is being sold by German sales agent The Match Factory. At Cannes, Caschetto and Paolo Del Brocco, of Rai Cinema, also unveiled the new project that the director has already started working on. It is Il Traditore, a movie about Mafia boss Tommaso Buscetta, who blew the lid off the structure of the Cosa Nostra, revealing it to judges, thus allowing them to bring down the top brass in the Italian-American Mafia high command. His family were wiped out by the Corleonesi faction in revenge.

The film will be produced by IBC with Rai Cinema, in conjunction with Kavac, and will be filmed in Italy, the United States and Brazil. Advanced discussions are under way to get international producers on board the project, which will have a big budget by Italian standards.

Bellocchio, who is writing the story and the treatment, and who already has the names of possible lead actors in mind, sent out a public announcement in which he explains that the character of Buscetta is of interest "because he is a traitor. But in reality, the ones who betrayed the inviolable principles of the Cosa Nostra were the Corleonesi faction. Betrayal can be the heroic thing to do."

(Translated from Italian)

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