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Andrei Creţulescu in post-production with Charleston


- The debut feature is the only Romanian project to have been selected in the Thessaloniki International Film Festival’s Agora

Andrei Creţulescu in post-production with Charleston
Director Andrei Creţulescu

After being selected last year in the Crossroads section of the Agora of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Andrei Creţulescu’s feature debut, Charleston [+see also:
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, is now returning to the gathering’s industry programme, but this time in the Works in Progress section (see the news). The project is a co-production between Icon Production (Romania), represented by Velvet Moraru, Les Films du Tambour (France), represented by Marie Legrand and Rani Massalha, and Creţulescu’s own production company, Kinosseur (Romania).

Creţulescu himself wrote the screenplay, which follows Alexandru (Şerban Pavlu), who is grieving after his wife Ioana (Ana Ularu) died in a car accident. Alexandru is approached by a man, Sebastian (Radu Iacoban), with the strangest of requests: introducing himself as Ioana’s secret lover at the moment of her death, Sebastian is convinced that Alexandru is the only person able to help him overcome his grief caused by Ioana’s demise. 

Shooting for the €650,000 project started on 20 August and wrapped a month later. The main locations were Bucharest and several resorts on the Black Sea shore. Barbu Bălăşoiu (Sieranevada [+see also:
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) was the DoP. 

Creţulescu tells Cineuropa that Charleston stems from an event from his own childhood and that the film explores how someone can be in love with two different people simultaneously. Known for his stylish shorts, the director says that his feature debut was shot in “vivid colours that take us back to 1940s Technicolor, and which helped us to transform the Bucharest of today into a retro version of itself. Also, similarly to my shorts, the music is, once again, very present.”

Charleston is expected to be released domestically next year.

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