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Europe hit by Insomnia


- The latest film by London-born director, Christopher Nolan, is a remake of Erik Skjodberg’s 1997 movie, and is scheduled for a pan-European release starting in Norway on August 23

Europe hit by Insomnia

British director Christopher Nolan is back with a new film two years after his international hit, Memento. It is called Insomnia and stars Al Pacino as detective Martin Donovan who is working a case about a thriller writer who also happens to be a serial killer, played by an excellent Robin Williams in a rare appearance as a baddie. Williams' character has supernatural powers and as he realises that Donovan is getting closer to solving the case, he uses them to penetrate the detective’s mind and induce an almost permanent state of insomnia. The film is an American remake of Norwegian director Erik Skjodberg’s 1997 movie and had its first European outing at the last Festival of Locarno. Nolan worked closely with Skjodberg on the screenplay but set the film in Alaska instead of Norway. Perhaps in honour of the film’s “father”, Skjodberg, Insomnia is scheduled to open in Norway on August 23, followed by the UK on August 30 and France and Italy, respectively, on November 6 and 15.

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