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Belgian critics acclaim Auberge espagnole


Belgium’s film critics gave Cédric Klapisch’s latest film, L’auberge espagnole a unanimous thumbs up and lavished praise and great word of mouth on the French director for his excellent representation of European diversity. Set in Barcellona, it’s the story of a group of French, Belgian, UK, German, Danish, Spanish and Italian college students taking part in the wide-ranging Erasmus project. Kahn’s wonderful cast reflects the multiplicity of cultures and habits represented in this film and is headed by Roman Duris, Audrey Tautou, Cecile de France and Kelly Reilly. This “euro-pudding” was a hit in France where it was released onto 400 screens, attracting well over 2 million people, 188,000 of whom in its 8th week, despite sturdy competition from several major Hollywood-driven projects. L’auberge espagnole may well rise to the top of France’s top ten films of 2002.

(Translated from French)

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