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Back to the Danish past


Only three weeks after its release on video and DVD market it is clear that one of Denmark’s biggest film hits this year is a curious black and white documentary made without any financial support or big production companies.
Dengang i Danmark 1945-1970 (Once Up On A Time In Denmark 1945-1970) with the initial 21.000 examples already sold out was made from the effort of the 65 year old Ebbe Larsen, a former TV presenter and his wife, owners of the company Orion Film, founded by Larsen`s father in 1947. The documentary not planned to be screened neither in television nor in movie theatres was made mostly from archives belonging to Orion Films gathering a material of 120 hours of old TV productions.
"The period from 1945 to 1970 is when mental and material development goes fastest in Denmark" said Larsen to the Danish daily Politiken while expressing his astonishment over the unexpected interest the documentary has had among the Danish public.

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