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"No" to EU quotas


- Iberian exhibitors of FEECE protest against the EU directive obliging them to screen a set quota of European films

The Spanish film exhibitors’ federation, FEECE (Federacion de Entitades de Emprasarios de Cinem de Espagna) has lodged an official protest against the EU directive obliging them to screen a certain number of EU-produced films in their theatres.
FEECE president, Primitivo Rodriguez said, “during the course of the year Spanish film exhibitors are obliged to programme a certain number of EU-produced films, either in the original language or dubbed into Spanish, in the following ratio: one day’s worth of programming of an EU film for every three days’ of a non-EU film dubbed into Spanish..”
Guy Morlion, the president of UNIC (International Film Union) reacted by sending the Spanish minister for education and culture a letter, “Our Union protests most strongly that an EU member-state is currently experiencing such heavy pressure. Especially since the Commission is always talking about encouraging exhibitors to programme these films. Furthermore any obligation to screen European films does not necessarily result in audiences choosing to see those films.” Italy eliminated the obligatory programming of EU-produced films in its 1994 cinema law.

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(Translated from Italian)

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