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2012 CineMart titles announced


2012 CineMart titles announced

One of the world's oldest and largest co-production markets, CineMart, will be taking place once more during the upcoming International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and will present 36 projects for its 29th edition, which runs January 29-February 1.

The projects were selected from 465 entries and will be presented to around 850 potential co-financiers.

New projects by some of Europe's hottest directors, including Ruben Östlund (Play [+see also:
film review
film focus
interview: Ruben Östlund
interview: Ruben Ostlund
film profile
 - finalist of the Lux Prize 2011, European Parliament), Quentin Dupieux (Rubber [+see also:
film profile
), Athina Rachel Tsangari (Attenberg [+see also:
film review
film focus
interview: Athina Rachel Tsangari
film profile
 - finalist of the Lux Prize 2011, European Parliament) and Urszula Antoniak (Code Blue [+see also:
film profile
), are part of the line-up.

Jacobine van der Vloed, head of CineMart, said: "One of the starting points of the was to focus more than before on the alliance between the IFFR, the Hubert Bals Fund and CineMart. Many filmmakers present their latest works in the festival and launch their projects at CineMart. Others, who saw their films screened at previous IFFR editions, now bring their new projects. Some filmmakers return a second or third time. In the end we have selected the projects that best tie in, on geographical, artistic and financial levels, with the need of the current market for independent filmmaking."

Part of the closer collaborations van der Vloed references is the selection of five titles from the BOOST! initiative, a collaboration between Hubert Bals Fund and Binger Filmlab.

Three projects are homegrown titles: Between Ten and Twelve from director Peter Hoogendoorn and produced by Keren Cogan Productions and Phanta Vision Film International; Nude Area, by Antoniak, from Topkapi Films and Pandora Film Produktion and Our Sun by Joost van Ginkel, from producer Els Vandevorst's PRPL.

CineMart is supported by the MEDIA Programme; the City Development Corporation (OBR); City of Rotterdam and the Netherlands Film Fund.

The full list of 2012 Cinemart projects:

Apprentice [+see also:
film profile
, by Boo Junfeng, production companies: Zhao Wei Films, Peanut Pictures (Singapore)

Between Ten and Twelve, by Peter Hoogendoorn, production companies: Keren Cogan Productions, Phanta Vision Film International (The Netherlands)

Cannibal, by Manuel Martín Cuenca, production company: La Loma Blanca P.C. (Spain)

Centaur, by Aktan Arym Kubat, production companies: A.S.A.P. Films, Pallas Film GmbH, Oy Art Film Producing Company (France, Germany, Kyrgyzstan)

Duncharon, by Athina Rachel Tsangari, production companies: Haos Films, Faliro House Productions, Maharaja Films, The Match Factory GmbH (Greece, France, Germany)

Els Estiuejants, by Lluis Galter, production company: Paco Poch Cinema, S. L. (Spain)

Groenlandia, by José Luis Torres Leiva, production company: Jirafa Films (Chile)

A Happy Death, by Eduardo Nunes, production company: Superfilmes, 3 Tabela Filmes (Brazil)

History of Fear, by Benjamin Naishtat, production company: Rei Cine (Argentina)

Hungry Mouth, by Argyris Papadimitropoulos, production company: Stefi Productions (Greece)

The Invisibles, by Mushon Salmona, production company: Transfax Film Production Ltd (Israel)

Jojo Rabbit, by Taika Waititi, production companies: Defender Films, Unison Films (New Zealand, US)

Kirkenes - Murmansk, by Knut Åsdam, production company: Vitakuben GmbH (Germany)

Little Dog Boy, by Henry Coombes, production company: Brocken Spectre (United Kingdom)

Lost Rooms, by Alexei Popogrebsky, production company: Koktebel Film Company (Russia)

The Lunchbox, by Ritesh Batra, production company: Anurag Kashyap Productions Pvt Ltd, Cine Mosaic (India, US)

Night Moves, by Kelly Reichardt, production company: filmscience (US)

Nude Area, by Urszula Antoniak, production company: Topkapi Films, Pandora Film Produktion GmbH (The Netherlands, Germany)

Our Sun, by Joost van Ginkel, production company: PRPL, producer: Els Vandevorst (The Netherlands)

Realité, by Quentin Dupieux, production company: Realitism Films (France)

The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted by David Dusa, production company: SCIAPODE, Kamoli Films (France, Denmark, Sweden)

Service for People, by Jang Cheol-soo, production company: Bidangil Pictures, Finecut Co, Ltd. (South-Korea)

Snow in Paradise, by Andrew Hulme, production company: Ipso Facto Films (United Kingdom)

Through My Veins, by Florin Serban, production company: FANTASCOPE (Romania)

Tokyo Cannonball Rising Sun, by Malcolm Murray, production companies: THIS, Nappinati Films Ltd., Armian Pictures (US)

Turist, by Ruben Östlund, production companies: Plattform Produktion, Essential Filmproduktion, Coproduction Office (Sweden, Germany, Denmark)

Tristes Monroes, by Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt, production companies: A Mutual Respect Productions, Filmes do Tejo II, Les Films du Bélier (Portugal, France)

Le Vent des ombres, by Christelle Lheureux, production companies: Independencia Productions, Kick the Machine (France, Thailand)

We Are Sisyphos, by Peter Brunner, production company: Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices GmbH, LEV Pictures (Austria, The Netherlands)

The White Buffalo, by Aditya Assarat, production company: Pop Pictures Co. Ltd. (Thailand)

A Worthy Companion, by Carlos Sanchez & Jason Sanchez, production company: micro_scope (Canada)

BOOST! CineMart selection

Djin, by Hawa Essuman, production company: Ginger Ink Films (Kenya)

Los Dólares de arena, by Laura Amelia Guzmán & Israel Cárdenas, production companies: Aurora Dominicana, Athénaïse (Dominican Republic, Mexico, France)

Humidity [+see also:
film review
film focus
interview: Nikola Ljuca
film profile
, by Nikola Ljuca, production companies: Dart Film, zischlermann filmproduktion GbR (Serbia, Germany)

Jomo, by Kivu Ruhorahoza, production companies: POV Productions, Camera Club (Rwanda, Australia)

Midfielder, by Adrián Biniez, production companies: Morocha Films, Mutante Cine, Pandora Film Produktion GmbH, Topkapi Films (Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, The Netherlands)

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