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MiBAC support for Giordana, Faenza, Risi and Diritti’s new films


MiBAC support for Giordana, Faenza, Risi and Diritti’s new films

Marco Tullio Giordana [photo], Roberto Faenza, Marco Risi and Giorgio Diritti will receive the support of the Italian Ministry for cultural goods and activities. The Film Committee of the ministry’s Directorate General, which met on December 22 for the second session of 2011, recognised a total of 9 feature films as being of cultural interest. Of these, 6 have also received financial backing: Marco Tullio Giordana’s Romanzo di una strage - Il segreto di Piazza Fontana (€800 thousand), Giorgio Diritti’s Vanità (700 thousand), Marco Risi’s Cha Cha Cha (700 thousand), Roberto Faenza’s Anita B. (600 thousand), as well as Susanna Nicchiarelli’s La scoperta dell'alba (550 thousand) and Alicia Scherson’s Il futuro (150 thousand).

The 3 films solely recognised for being of cultural interest are Susanne Bier’s The Bald Hairdresser, Daniele Vicari’s La nave dolce and Matteo Garrone’s Big House, while the cultural interest of the other two titles - Fausto Brizzi’s Com'è bello far l'amore and Laurent Tirard’s Asterix and Obelix: God save Britannia- still awaits confirmation.

As for first and second works, 15 feature films have been selected to the second session of 2011 (projects presented by May 15), including Stefano Sollima’s Acab and Valeria Golino’s Vi perdono, which each receive €200 thousand. The same amount goes to Benedetta Pontellini’s A volte la neve scende a giugno, Alessia Scarso’s Italo [+see also:
film profile
, Alessandro Lunardelli’s Il mondo fino in fondo, Francesco Scavelli’s Trovate "La Roma", Giuseppe Petitto’s Lucy in the sky and Sebastiano Riso’s Più buio di mezzanotte non può fare. The receivers of €150 thousand include, among others, Fabio Mollo with Il Sud è niente, already winner of a production award at the TorinoFilmLab 2010 (see the news).

A further 18 first and second works have also been selected for the third 2011 session (projects presented by September 15). Among these, the receivers of €200 thousand include Roman e il suo cucciolo and Senza nessuna pietà, respective directing debuts from actors Alessandro Gassman and Michele Alhaique, and Guido Lombardi’s Take five (Lion of the Future Award at the Venice Film Festival 2011 with Là-bas [+see also:
film review
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interview: Guido Lombardi
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- see the review).

To view the full list of films selected, download the pdf file here.

(Translated from Italian)

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