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Manoel de Oliveira's Principle


Veteran Portuguese director, Manoel de Oliveira was the guest of honour at a special screening in Barcelona of his latest film, O princípio da incerteza (the film was just released in Spain).
Based on a novel by Portuguese writer, Agustina Bessa-Luis, entitled “Jòia de familia”, it is the story of two upper-class families who live in Oporto (de Oliveira’s home town). Oporto’s Duero River plays an important part in bringing the two halves of this story together.
“The river is the symbol of life,” said the 95-year-old director, “because it goes beyond and the bridges that cross it are also the instruments which connect the two banks are like the words which connect things. The light which falls on it is the hope that encourages us to continue despite the problems, and the threat of war and other sad things. Fortunately, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.”
Given his venerable age, de Oliveira swears he made no pact with the devil and regular as clockwork, he presents us with a new film every year. He just finished making Un filme falado starring John Malkovich, Irene Papas, Catherine Deneuve and Stefania Sandrelli. “I did not make films for 14 years. I thought long and hard and changed my opinion of cinema completely. It has becomes much more serious and requires professionalism and a good story.”

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