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Iron Sky director goes back in time for I Killed Adolf Hitler


- Finnish director Timo Vuorensola and producer Tero Kaukomaa are also planning a prequel on TV, and a sequel for cinema, for their dark sci-fi comedy success

Iron Sky director goes back in time for I Killed Adolf Hitler

Having now sold 70 countries through UK’s Stealth Media Group, and still No 6 on the domestic charts with 175,000 admissions, Finnish director Timo Vuorensola’s dark sci-fi comedy, Iron Sky [+see also:
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interview: Timo Vuorensola
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, will not be left in the open space.

“How did the Nazis end up on the dark side of the moon, and what happened when they had returned to the Earth? The questions will be answered in a three-part mini prequel series, and the story will continue in a feature sequel, Iron Sky II,” explained Finnish producer Tero Kaukomaa, of Blind Spot Pictures, who has now received Vuorensola as partner of his production company.

While the Iron Sky films are in early stages of development, Vuorensola and Kaukomaa will travel time again for I Killed Adolf Hitler, from Norwegian cartoonist Jason’s (or John Arne Sæterøy’s) graphic novella, about a UK hitman sent back in history to assassinate der Führer early in his reign, only to see Adolf steal away to the present day, leaving his would-be killer stranded in the past.

The book, which won the 2008 Eisner Award (Best US edition of International Material) has been adapted by UK screenwriter DC Walker, and the project has been developed by London’s Studio Eight Productions (Jamie, Alex Brown) which will produce the film with Blind Spot Pictures in conjunction with Germany’s Niama Film GmbH (Thomas Reisser, Gerd Hecker, Marcus Machura). Vuorensola will set the cameras rolling early 2013.

The Kaukomaa-Vuorensola production outfit has recently (February) set up Troll Vfx with Finnish commercial producer Mjölk and Finnish director-producer Samuli Torssonen, who was behind the CGI shots in Iron Sky (and the Star Wreck franchise). Including the Iron Sky visual effects, the company will offer CFX work in Finland to CG productions worldwide.

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