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If Amélie were Cuban...


- Cuban Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti brings us Carla, the star of Nada+

Like so many of her fellow Cubans, Carla, a young post-office worker, dreams of going to the United States. She has a big heart and nothing gives her more joy than making other people's lives better. Carla has a way with words and is often asked by people to rewrite the letters they write to their loved ones around the world. From her dingy little room in a Havana post-office, Carla transforms their grey and mundane prose into a rainbow of sentiments. Going to America is a shared dream for many Cubans, but whoever said it was necessarily the best thing to do?
Nada+ co-produced by Cuba's Icaic, with French, Spanish and Italian money and was very well received in Cannes. Rest assured, we will be hearing an awful lot from newcomer, Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti, one of whose role models is Pedro Almodovar. He has an easy way with language and enjoys nothing more than to play word games with the title of his film: "Nada" means nothing. Malberti hopes that Nada+ is the first of a trilogy of films whose titles he has already chosen: Nadie and Nunca.

(Translated from Italian)

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