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Wallimage/Bruxellimage selects Breillat, Blasband, and Van Nuffel in last 2012 session


- A youth series, a 3D feature, a Chinese-Belgian animation, a Brussels rom-com, and a French auteur film for the 12th Wallimage/ Bruxellimage session

Wallimage/Bruxellimage selects Breillat, Blasband, and Van Nuffel in last 2012 session

The selection committee for the 12th Wallimage/ Bruxellimage support session has just announced its results. Once again, they are eclectic.

Wallimage is to support the red hot Catherine Breillat (photo)'s autobiographical project. Filmed this autumn in Brussels and in Wallonia, Abus de faiblesse (lit. "Abuse of weakness") tells the turbulent story of a filmmaker who suddenly becomes paralysed on one side and is abused with almost her full consent by a flamboyant swindler that she intend to cast in her next film. Isabelle Huppert is to play the film director opposite Kool Shen (from French hip hop group NTM) in his first big role for the silver screen. The film is produced by Iris Films (the Belgian subsidiary of Luxembourg-based company Iris Productions) and Flach Films for France.

Roels Mondelaer’s Plan Bart [+see also:
film profile
(Wachten tot morgen) is also to receive support. The film’s screenplay was co-written with Hans Van Nuffel (Oxygen [+see also:
film profile
). A fashionable romantic comedy, it’s a contemporary Flemish version of the story of the woman who wanted a baby on her own, a comedy about the preoccupations of Brussels residents in their thirties who are confronted with their desires and their contradictions. The film is produced by Caviar, who have only just emerged from mega trans-media project The Spiral.

The session also selected Pascal Morelli’s Le Prince et les 108 démons (lit. "The prince and the 108 demons"), an animation film co-produced by Scope Pictures with China, as well as a teenager series intended for European distribution, Phil Ox’s Switch, co-produced by NickelOdeon and Canal j, and therefore Be Films.

Finally, Wallimage is to support a second project about hurricanes, again by Climax Films. While in the last session it was a three-part documentary series, this time it’s a 3D feature film, whose screenplay has been written by Philippe Blasband (Motherly and Romantics Anonymous [+see also:
making of
film profile

(Translated from French)

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