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Jan Troell to receive Stockholm's 7.3-kilo Life Achievement Award


- The 81-year-old Swedish director, whose new feature The Last Sentence will be premiered at the festival, will be honoured along with Willem Dafoe and Jacques Audiard

Jan Troell to receive Stockholm's 7.3-kilo Life Achievement Award

"A director, who has always been a nomad, and in whose artistry the image and the observation have always been the foundation for documenting the essential," is the Stockholm International Film Festival's motivation for giving Swedish 81-year-old director Jan Troell the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award, which he will receive during the November 7-18 showcase.

The award - the world's heaviest film prize, a 7.3-kilo bronze Dala Horse, created by Swedish artist Fredrik Swärd - has previously been presented to Isabelle Huppert, Gena Rowlands, Lauren Bacall, David Lynch, Oliver Stone and Susan Sarandon.

Troell's new feature, The Last Sentence [+see also:
film profile
, which he co-wrote, directed, photographed and edited, will be shown in the festival prior to its local premiere on December 7 through Nordisk Film Sweden. Starring Danish actor Jesper Christensen and Swedish actress Pernilla August in a portrait of Swedish editor-in-chief Torgny Segerstedt, the film won for Best Director in Montreal and for Best Actress (Ulla Skoog) in Chicago.

Another bronze horse - the Stockholm Achievement Award 2012 - will go to US actor Willem Dafoe, "one of the world's most multifaceted actors who has the power to hypnotize his audience with just one glance. He is playing characters who treads on the breaking point and whose controlled exterior hides an inner chaos - a chaos we can't get enough of."

French director Jacques Audiard will also be provided with a horse - the Stockholm Visionary Award 2012 - for "making bold films that let us look right into human soul - there are no simple characters, here the little guy is the great hero". Audiard's Rust & Bone [+see also:
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interview: Jacques Audiard
interview: Jacques Audiard
film profile
, which was launched in Cannes, will screen among the festival's 170 films from 50 countries.

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