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Almodovar's take on soccer


- Two projects in the pipeline from Spanish Oscar-winning director and a documentary about Brazil's 2002 World Cup victory

Pedro Almodovar has decided to direct a documentary about Brazil’s 5th World Cup soccer victory in 2002. Produced by Paula Lavigne, the film will portray the phases that brought Brazil to qualify in Japan and South Korea. The project was to have been directed by Woody Allen, who stepped down after deciding that he lacked the necessary expertise.
The documentary will feature the tears that Romario shed after his failure to join trainer Luis Felipe Scolari’s team and the spin surrounding Ronaldo’s real physical condition. It is not scheduled to go into production for a few months. Almodovar was nominated for an Oscar in both the best film and best original screenplay categories for Speak To Her [+see also:
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and is about to start work on his new film La Mala Educaciòn, produced by El Deseo owned by Almodovar’s brother, Augustin, and starring Mexico’s Gael Garcìa Bernal.

(Translated from Italian)

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