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An advance on receipts for Mange tes morts


- Attracting considerable attention with the fiction documentary La BM du Seigneur, Jean-Charles Hue will be backed by the CNC for his first feature-length fiction

An advance on receipts for Mange tes morts

Produced by Capricci Films, Mange tes morts by Jean-Charles Hue (photo) clearly stood out among the five projects for first feature films selected by the last 2012 session of the first committee for the CNC's advance on receipts. The film-maker's previous work, the fiction documentary La BM du Seigneur, had been praised by critics on its release in early 2011 and was presented in about twenty international festivals including Rotterdam (in the Bright Future section).

Written by the director, the scenario of Mange tes morts focuses on 15 year-old Maurice Dorkel who belongs to a band of gypsies. He is about to be baptised when his uncle Pierrot, the brother of his deceased father, comes back to the camp after spending several years in prison. Together, and accompanied by Maurice’s brother, Jo, an impulsive and violent boy, they set off in a powerful car on a trip to the world of "gadjos".

Other beneficiaries of the advance include Les Combattants by Thomas Cailley (whose short film Paris Shanghai was very well received internationally in 2011-2012), to be produced by Nord-Ouest Films, Fidelio, L’Odyssée d’Alice by Lucie Borleteau (Why Not Productions), and Les nuits d’été by Mario Fanfani (24 mai Productions, which got off to a resounding start with its feature film Alyah [+see also:
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, much appreciated during Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes).

Also considered for the CNC's advance on receipts, Mon Souffle by Jihane Chouaib (Paraiso Production) recounts the misfortunes of a young woman returning to Lebanon to settle in her family’s ruined home. Looking for a lost paradise, she is also tracking down a very dark family secret that could destroy all her illusions. 

(Translated from French)

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