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Farewell, Daniel Ceccaldi


Daniel Ceccaldi, one of French TV and cinema’s most popular character actors, died yesterday in Paris.
Specialised in playing second leads, Ceccaldi made his film debut in Sacha Guitry’s 1948 Le diable boiteux and went on to make over 100 feature films with directors of the calibre of Jean Becker (The Adventures of Arsenio Lupin), Michel Delville (L’ours et la poupée), Alain Corneau (France S.A.) and François Truffaut’s 1964 La Peau Douce, his 1968 Stolen Kisses and 1970 Domicile conjugal.
Ceccaldi found his perfect director in Pascal Thomas and the pair made seven films together in which Ceccaldi perfected his portrayal of the average French man-on-the-street who finds himself overtaken by events.

(Translated from French)

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