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Lack of funding postpones Trier’s Louder than Bombs indefinitely


- “However, we are confident that Joachim Trier’s project will be realised in the near future,” said Norwegian producer Sigve Endrésen from Motlys

Lack of funding postpones Trier’s Louder than Bombs indefinitely

“We know that this movie is expected with great interest both nationally and internationally,” said the Norwegian Film Institute's then director of production and development, Ivar Køhn, when less than two months ago, the institute chipped in €1.6 million for Norwegian director Joachim Trier’s Louder than Bombs [+see also:
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– “a major project aimed at the international markets.”

However, they must wait. Shortly before principal photography for the film starring Isabelle Huppert (photo) was due to start (September 25) in Germany and the US, Norwegian production outfit Motlys has postponed the project indefinitely, having failed to provide the full financing for the €6.4 million Norwegian-Danish-French-German-American coproduction.

“Unfortunately we could not make it in time, and have accordingly decided to end the ongoing preparations in New York – we are sorry we came to this conclusion so close to the start, and would like to apologise to the director, actors and everyone else involved,” said a statement from Norwegian producer Sigve Endrésen’s company. “However, we are confident that the project will be realised in the near future".

Written by Trier with Eskil Voigt, Louder than Bombs is the story of a famous war photographer, who is killed in a car accident, leaving behind her husband and two sons, one a teenager. Three years after her death the eldest son comes home for an exhibition of her photography, when they discover an unsettling secret from her past. Huppert was to star with Irish actor Gabriel Byrne and US actor Jesse Eisenberg in this Hans-Jørgen Osnes-Endrésen production.

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