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Mother's Wish all over the world - and Glamour for Goebbels


- The Swedish and Norwegian Film Institutes support a package of documentaries and shorts about everything from rape to motherhood, from Hot Chicks to autopsies

Mother's Wish all over the world - and Glamour for Goebbels

The Swedish and Norwegian Film Institutes have chipped in €0.9 million in production funding for seven documentaries and four shorts, depicting everything from rape to motherhood, from Hot Chicks to autopsies.

The Swedish institute will support Mother's Wish [+see also:
interview: Joonas Berghäll
film profile
 from Finnish director Joonas Berghäll, whose Steam of Life [+see also:
film profile
(2010) about Finnish men talking in a sauna won him the Jussi - Finland's national film prize - for Best Documentary. Produced by Helsinki's Oktober and Stockholm's Mantaray Film, his new effort collects tales from women all over the world about motherhood - the presence or absence of a mother.

The Swedish package includes Danish director Nanna Frank Møller's Embracing the Dead, about a forensic expert used to perform autopsies, now on an unusual case, which needs his professional judgement. Antonio Russo Merenda will produce for Denmark's Made in Copenhagen and Sweden's Ginestra Film.

Swedish director Ninja Thyberg has prepared Hot Chicks, a short following five girls in a dressing-room waiting to shoot a "fun and playful" music video, where they will be wriggling their bums, strutting their stuff. Anja Byvald will stage their preparations for Silverosa Film.

Norway will back Norwegian director Håvard Bustnes' (photo) Glamour for Goebbels, a documentary portraying Norwegian actress Kirsten Heiberg, a star in Germany during World War II, where she performed in several major films commissioned by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, including Titanic (1943). Scripted by Bjørn-Erik Hansen, it will be produced by Bustness and Christian Falch for Faction Film.

Norwegian director Linda Steinhoff's documentary Norway - Country of Rape depicts how rape victims are met by the system, and how sometimes in a way the system is seen as yet another abuser. Herself a rape victim 16 years ago, Steinhoff will work with producer Jo Torgersen for ITV Studios Norway.

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