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More criminal investigations for Dicte, as TV2/Danmark signs her for a new season


- After an average of 1.2 million viewers for the first season, Miso Film shoots another 10 episodes of the crime series starring Iben Hjejle

More criminal investigations for Dicte, as TV2/Danmark signs her for a new season

Dicte – a television series starring Danish actress Iben Hjejle (photo) as an Aarhus journalist specialising in crime stories – will return after a first 2013 spring season, during which the 10 episodes clung an average of 1.2 million Danes to the screens to become one of the biggest successes in recent years for Danish commercial broadcaster TV2/Danmark (Rating 23%/Share 49%). Dicte was also aired in Sweden and Norway.

Copenhagen-based production outfit Miso Film will shortly start shooting another €9 million episodes in locations in Aarhus, with Hjejle as Dicte Svendsen, the reporter for the local newspaper, and her family, friends, colleagues and sources within the police, played by Lars Brygmann, Lærke Winther, Dar Salim, Peter Schrøder, Lars Ranthe, Ditte Ylva Olsen and Emilie Kruse.

“A modern relation and character-driven crime series – the combination of foul play and the relationships between the main characters – is what the viewers want. So we look forward to a new season of spell-binding stories involving both criminal offense and life at 40 in the Danish society,” explained TV controller Lotte Lindegaard.

Based on Aarhus author Elsebeth Egholm’s characters, and scripted by Dorte W Høgh and Ida Maria Rydén, the series will be produced by Peter Bose for Miso, TV2/Danmark, Danish regional film centre, West, TV4-Sweden, TV2-Norway, SF Film and Brussels’ Lumière. “We are very pleased with the green light for the second season only six months after the first,” said Bose, who will deliver the new package next autumn.

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