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You and the Night: a dividing originality


- The first feature by Yann Gonzalez divides the opinion of critics whilst they are unanimous about Venus in Fur by Roman Polanski

You and the Night: a dividing originality

Love or hate. For some, this fascinating dreamlike work is filled with surrealism, lyricism and poetry. For others, the film is nothing but an exercise in style, theatrics and a crypto-mystical hodgepodge. In any case, You and the Night [+see also:
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by Yann Gonzalez, distributed today by Potemkine Films on 16 screens, doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Unveiled at the Critics’ Week in Cannes in a Special Screening, the first feature by the filmmaker focuses on a young couple (Kate Moran and Niels Schneider) and their transvestite housekeeper (Nicolas Maury) who are preparing for an orgy. Are expected the bitch (Julie Brémond), the star (Fabienne Babe), the stud (Eric Cantona) and the teenager (Alain Fabien Delon). Béatrice Dalle also makes an appearance.

"Knowing that You and the Night would be difficult to fund, I had planned to write something simple, which wouldn’t cost too much, in a unique location,” explains Yann Gonzalez. "For me, it’s a film that encompasses a whole collection of faces, voices, colours. Then, during the writing process, gaps began to appear everywhere, about dreams, a fantastic dimension, and it turned out to be something crazier (...) I love this idea of fictions intertwined with one another, with different colours and music, and how this kind of improbable patchwork can be linked together. Cinema enables us to unite heterogeneous space-time dimensions, like a hybrid collage (...) I grew up with fantastic cinema, horror films, the work of Brian de Palma, Dario Argento and other even more offbeat things. This cinema, with often a very limited budget, joins this idea of belief, which can come out of nearly nothing: the wind, a shadow, an off-camera shot.” Produced by Sedna Films, You and the Night is sold internationally by German outfit Films Boutique.

Two other films from Cannes are being released this Wednesday: Venus in Fur [+see also:
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interview: Roman Polanski
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by Roman Polanski starring the excellent Emmanuel Seigner and Mathieu Amalric (Mars Distribution on 231 screens) and the documentary Le dernier des injustes by Claude Lanzmann (Le Pacte on 41 screens).

It is also worth noting Doutes [+see also:
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by Yamili Lila Kumar (Zelig Films Distribution in 14 theatres) and documentaries Il était une forêt by Luc Jacquet (The Walt Disney Company France in 376 cinemas), Inside Out by British director Alastair Siddons (dedicated to French contemporary artist JR and distributed exclusively at the MK2 Bibliothèque) and La part du feu by Emmanuel Roy (Shellac in 5 cinemas).

(Translated from French)

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