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Winners of the 2013 TorinoFilmLab


- The production awards, totalling €230,000, have been assigned. Three female directors take centre stage. Neirotti: "Results need to be consolidated"

Winners of the 2013 TorinoFilmLab

Three women received production awards at the sixth TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event, which brought the award giving to a close on November 27. Three young female directors were given three out of the four coveted production awards, reserved to participants in the TFL FrameWork programme (to find out about all the FrameWork 2013 projects, click here): Ralitza Petrova for Godless [+see also:
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interview: Ralitza Petrova
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 (Bulgaria - €50,000), Yaelle Kayam for Mountain [+see also:
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(Israel - €65,000) and Julia Ducournau for Freaking (France - €50,000). The fourth production award went to No One’s Boy by Fernando Guzzoni (Chile/France - €65,000).

“Deciding on the best projects was difficult, not just because of their quality, but also because of the variety,” Romanian producer Ada Solomon, a member of the production award team and producer of the Golden Bear winning Poziţia copilului, told Cineuropa. “All of them are passionate artists who know what they want to say. The TorinoFilmLab has become one of the most prominent events within the sector, not just in Europe but everywhere in the world. I am honoured to announce that next year I will also be participating in the TFl with my own project.”

Other prizes include:

-       Audience Award (€30,000) – voted by 120 decision makers attending the Meeting Event among the FrameWork project – to Lily and the Dragonflies by René Guerra (Brazil)

-       ARTE International Prize (€6,000) – from ARTE France Cinéma for one of the Script&Pitch projects – to Salt by William Vega (Columbia)

-       Piedmont Award –a new award created by the Turin Film Commission which consists of financial support for a project from the TFL which is aiming to spend part of its filming or post-production time in Piedmont – toWar by Simon Jaquemet (Switzerland- Script&Pitch 2011, FrameWork 2012)

-       Post-Production Award EP2C (€1,000) –given to a FrameWork project, which enables the producer to take part in a post-production workshop– to Enrica Capra from GraffitiDoc (Italy), producer of Without the Implant (the director is Giorgio Cugno, winner of the Cineuropa award at the Lecce 2012 festival with Vacuum)

-       Les Arcs Coproduction Village Prize – which consists in the automatic selection for the Coproduction Village in Les Arcs for one of the Script&Pitch, AdaptLab or FrameWork projects – to Dogs [+see also:
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interview: Bogdan Mirica
film profile
 by Bogdan Mirica (Romania - Script&Pitch).

“2013 is a year during which the TFL was able to express itself better, with more projects and 17 films already in circulation,” director Savina Neirotti said. “Producers have told us that the section is great and one-on-one meetings are increasing. Over 500 meetings took place in three afternoons.”

Are six projects (Script&Pitch, FrameWork, AdaptLab, Audience Design, Writer's Room and Pixel Lab) enough, or are there more projects in the works? “The moment has come to work on what we already have. We do not want to disproportionately grow and compromise on quality,” Neirotti said. “We have undergone great cuts, but a lot of the funds lost in Italy have been recuperated elsewhere in the world, which is why we can really call it an international laboratory. Awards are smaller, but we are hoping to return to previous years’ levels soon.”

(Translated from Italian)

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