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Nicolae Constantin Tanase, in post-production with The World Is Mine


- This ultra-low-budget production is new proof independent film-making is possible in Romania

Nicolae Constantin Tanase, in post-production with The World Is Mine

With a budget of only €60,000, young director Nicolae Constantin Tanase is ready to finish his first feature, The World Is Mine [+see also:
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, a Libra Film production. Shot during the summer, the project is in post-production, with only one day of shooting left for next week.

The film tells the story of Larisa (Ana-Maria Guran), a teenager who lives in a small town near the Black Sea. She is expelled from school after getting into a fight with the ex-girlfriend of the boy she’s madly in love with, Florin, the town’s Don Juan. Running away from home, Larisa will soon be forced to make a decision regarding her future.

The screenplay was written by Raluca Manescu, while Daniel Kosuth is DoP. The film is produced by Tudor Giurgiu and Radu Stancu. Some of the main actors are amateurs, including Guran, who was found by Tanase after an extensive casting which made the director use even Facebook in order to find the right face for his protagonist.

The film’s release is scheduled for autumn. Centered on a love story among youngsters, there is a chance that The World Is Mine will follow the path of Love Building [+see also:
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, another independent production which became the second most popular domestic release of 2013.

Tanase describes the film as a “turbulent coming of age story.” Given the fact that the production was not supported by the National Centre of Cinematography, he also says it is a coming of age story for the entire team, mostly made up by young graduates with short film experience.

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