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The participants in the first edition of Frontières @Bruxelles are revealed


- Frontières, the first international co-production market dedicated to genre films, has just announced the selection for its first European edition

The participants in the first edition of Frontières @Bruxelles are revealed

Frontières, the first international co-production market dedicated to genre films, will be held in Brussels on 10-12 April. Created in Montreal in 2012, in parallel with the Fantasia International Film Festival, this unique market brings together both new and experienced filmmakers who will be arriving with their genre feature-film projects in tow. The projects must have a completed screenplay, must be intended as international co-productions and must be previewing on the co-production market circuit. In addition to these projects, a second “Off-Frontières” selection has been added for those projects that do not fully meet these criteria.

There are two Belgian projects nestling among the ones that have been selected for this first Brussels edition. First of all, there is Robin Hood vs Zombies by the very prolific Vincent Lannoo, whose film Les Ames de Papier [+see also:
film review
interview: Vincent Lannoo
festival scope
film profile
can currently be seen in theatres. The filmmaker, who is extremely quick off the mark, is used to making genre films, as he has already tried his hand at a vampire movie – the appropriately named Vampires [+see also:
film profile
– and even an iconoclastic work with In the Name of the Son [+see also:
festival scope
film profile
. On the other hand, Les Ames de Papier is admittedly a romantic comedy, but one filled with spirits. Also selected is Rabbits by Jean-Julien Collette, produced by Hélicotronc (Belgium). This tells the story of a group of friends who find themselves shut away in a mountain chalet, where they feel a mysterious urge to drink, sleep and eat, and where their wounds start to heal… 

Another Belgian project that will feature in the Off-Frontières selection is Bao, by Maxime Pasque, a tale of a couple’s exile that leads them to an unexplored land. It is being produced by Left Field Ventures


Les Affamés
Robin Aubert / Producer: Stéphanie Morissette - Québec
Martin Villeneuve - Québec
Chloe and Attie 
Scooter Corkle / Producer: Daniel Domachowski - Canada
The Chosen Child 
Borys Lankosz / Producers: Liz Levine and Adrian Salpeter - Canada-USA
Jerónimo Rocha / Producer: Frederico Serra
- Portugal
Don't Come After Me
AJ Annila / Producer: Gudrun Giddings - Finland
Marc-Henri Boulier / Producer: Anaïs Bertrand - France
Elbert van Strien / Producer: Claudia Brandt - the Netherlands
Jean-Julien Collette and Olivier Tollet / Producer: Anthony Rey - Belgium
Robin Hood vs Zombies 
Vincent Lannoo - Belgium
Craig Goodwill - Canada
Sea Fever
Neasa Hardiman / Producers: Brendan McCarthy and John McDonnell - Ireland


9th World
Nicolas Alberny and Jean Mach - Ireland
Maxime Pasque / Producer: John Engel
- Belgium
Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead / Producer: Pamela Hansson - Britain
Freaking [+see also:
film review
film focus
interview: Julia Ducournau
film profile

Julia Ducournau / Producer: Jean des Forêts - France
Girls With Balls
Jean-Luc Cano and Olivier Alfonso / Producer: Jean-Marie Antonini - France
Lluis Quilez / Producer: Miguel A Faura - Spain
Likho, The One-Eye Evil
Mitja Okorn / Producer: Magda Wierzchoslawska - Poland
Antonio Tublén / Producer: Alexander Brøndsted - Denmark-Sweden
Renaud Gauthier / Producer: Marie-Claire Lalonde - Québec
Private Number
Vladimir Mancic / Producer: Nikola Pantelic - Serbia
Anders Banke / Producers: Paula Devonshire and Magnus Paulsson - Canada-Sweden

(Translated from French)

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