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BLS supports 11 productions for a total of €2.1 million


- Of the selected projects, six are from Italy, two from Austria, three from Germany. A total of 202 days of filming to take place in Alto Adige

BLS supports 11 productions for a total of €2.1 million
Maya Sansa will star in Monte by Iranian Amir Naderi, supported by the BLS

Of eleven projects selected, six Italian, two Austrian and three German will receive financing from the BLS Film Commission Alto Adige, within the context of the first 2014 call. A total of 202 days of filming will take place in Alto Adige.

Among the Italian projects selected for production support is the the feature length film produced by Zivago Media with Citrullo International, with a provisional title of Monte [+see also:
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and whose director and screenwriter is Iranian Amir Naderi,who will direct Maya Sansa and Andrea Sartoretti. The film received €200,000 from the BLS. Documentary La gente dei bagni, directed by Stefania Bona and Francesca Scalisi, produced by Jump Cut in co-production with Eie Film and Associazione Culturale Don Quixote is a sociological studio recording the changes in Italy through a portrait of one of the country’s last public baths (support of €15,000).

Among the foreign productions benefitting from the programme is Austrian Terra Mater Factual Studios for The way of the eagleby Gerardo Olivares, whose distribution partners include Warner Bros. Cast features Jean Reno. The film tells the story of a boy and a baby eagle (€600,000 in support). Another foreign project is road movie Head Full of Honey [+see also:
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by Til Schweiger, produced by German Barefoot Films, which has been given €150,000 in support. The film tells the story of the special relationship between 10-year-old Tilda and her grandfather Amandus, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Another important German production is Lucky Bird Pictures, which together with Delphi Medien and Broth Film Breinersdorfer & Rothemund GB, obtained €500,000 for the making of Georg Elser - Der Hitler muss wegdirected by Torsten C. Fischer. The film tells the story of Georg Elser, a modest carpenter from Königsbronn who saw the threat of a second world war in Hitler. He tried to assassinate the Führer with a bomb in 1939, missing his target by just 13 minutes.

Two more Italian companies received financing: One More Pictures, which received €29,000 euro forÖtzi - The Iceman,written by Carlo Longo and Manuela Cacciamani,and Quasar Multimedia who presented project Ufficio Zone di confine - Una storia, directed by Michele Codarin, towards which €12,000 was allocated.

Total funds for this first 2014 call amount to €2,133,204. The next financing call deadline has been set for 7 May 2014.

(Translated from Italian)

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