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Ocho apellidos catalanes to follow in the wake of Ocho apellidos vascos


- Emilio Martínez-Lázaro’s comedy continues its unstoppable rampage in theatres, racking up €19.5 million and 3.5 million admissions over three weeks of screening

Ocho apellidos catalanes to follow in the wake of Ocho apellidos vascos
Ocho apellidos vascos by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro

After achieving the best opening performance for a Spanish film since The Impossible [+see also:
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in October 2012 (read more), the comedy Ocho apellidos vascos [+see also:
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has sealed its reputation as this season’s complete revelation and has managed to multiply the takings for its first weekend by more than seven, racking up €19.5 million and 3.5 million admissions in just three weeks of screening.

Given this huge success, its producers at Telecinco Cinema have wasted no time in setting to work on a sequel that will make use of the veritable gold mine of regional differences in Spain – in this case, according to various media sources’ reports, the contrasts with Catalonia. Scriptwriters Borja Cobeaga and Diego San José have therefore begun to sketch out the story of the second instalment, which may be called Ocho apellidos catalanes. Although many details still remain unknown, Emilio Martínez-Lázaro will return in the role of director.

The box-office track record of Ocho apellidos vascos is verging on unbelievable. In addition to its outstanding opening, it kept up its extraordinary performance in the second week, increasing its takings by 52% in relation to the first week (€4.4 million). And what is even more surprising is that it upped its receipts again in the third week, making it the first Spanish film in history to manage to do so, according to its distributor, Universal.

Without a doubt, thanks to a consistent base of audiences who saw the film in its opening week, word of mouth has played a key part in bringing about this impressive performance. Boosted still further by the multiplier effect of the Fiesta del Cine, its takings could easily rise beyond €25 million (thus allowing it to compete for a place among the top three most-seen Spanish films in history). However, after seeing how Ocho apellidos vascos has shattered even the most optimistic of predictions week after week, who can place a cap on the success of the romantic adventures of Rafa, from Seville, and the Basque Region’s Amaia?

(Translated from Spanish)

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