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After broken marriages, Vuoksenmaa turns to a comedy about personal growth


- The Finnish Film Foundation is supporting four new features, including Johanna Vuoksenmaa’s Adult Camp and the returns of Jussi Vares and Ricky Rapper

After broken marriages, Vuoksenmaa turns to a comedy about personal growth
Johanna Vuoksenmaa

Finnish director Johanna Vuoksenmaa, whose 21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage [+see also:
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took 403,045 domestic admissions to become last year’s most popular Finnish film, is readying her new comedy, Adult Camp [+see also:
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, which will be produced by Riina Hyvtiä for Dionysos Film. Scripted by Vuoksenmaa, it follows a group of men and women spending their summer holiday at an adult camp in the Turku archipelago, on the road to personal growth – and no one returns quite the same.

Adult Camp is one of four features supported by the Finnish Film Foundation from the new 50/50 support scheme, covering up to 50% of production costs for projects that have already secured the other 50% of the financing. The Foundation’s contribution of €2.4 million has accordingly launched features with budgets totalling €5.9 million.

Finnish director Taru Mäkelä, who last year made August Fools [+see also:
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, is preparing Baby Girl, Eila and Rampe, about a Finnish poet (Baby Girl), her boyfriend (Pirkka) and her parents (Eila and Rampe), who do their best to become friends with him. The complications are compounded when the Japanese translator of Baby Girl’s poems arrives. Kinosto will produce the film, which is written by Sinikka and Tiina Nopola.

Finnish author Reiko Mäki’s private eye, Jussi Vares, whose latest job was in 2011, will return in Finnish director Hannu Salonen’s Sheriff, from Solar Films. Investigating a murder case, Vares finds proof that the criminal underworld in Turku is controlled by an invisible Godfather, the Sheriff, whose “court” decides that Vares must be eliminated. But in Salonen and Mika Karttunen’s screenplay, they get the wrong man.

Finnish director Timo Koivusalo, who most recently made Ricky Rapper and Slick Leonard, which has now sold 250,000 tickets in Finland, will also film the new installment in the franchise, from Sinikka and Tiina Nopola’s screenplay. Artista Filmi will produce.

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