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CANNES 2014 Italy

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Giovanni Aloi: “No regrets over being excluded”


- Short A passo d'uomo out of competition because it was screened in other festivals outside of Italy

Giovanni Aloi: “No regrets over being excluded”
A passo d'uomo di Giovanni Aloi

Giovanni Aloi has no regrets over his short A passo d'uomo being excluded from the competition in Cannes, he declared hours after the official announcement of selections. “There are no rules when it comes to making a film, but a festival’s rules should be respected,” he wrote on Facebook.

On the phone to Cineuropa, Aloi said: “The rules in Cannes say that films can only have been screened in their own country. I sent it to many festivals. Frankly, I thought I may be selected in the Short Film Corner tied to the Marché de Cannes but I would have never guessed I would have made it into the official selection. So I agreed to screen it in other festivals before Cannes.”

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Giovanni Aloi, who is a part of the The Sponk Studios video maker collective, is mainly a documentary and biopic filmmaker. A passo d'uomo is his first fiction piece of work. Fiore, a divorced, unemployed father in Genoa, is forced to live out of his car. He tries to give his son Leo a last celebratory Sunday.

A passo d'uomo is actually half way between fiction and reality, starring unprofessional actors in Genoa, the city where it was filmed without a budget with support coming only from the local Film Commission. For example, there is a scene filmed during a Fiom CGIL demonstration for construction workers. We placed our actor at the head of the demonstrators, together with 400 participants. It seemed like the best way to make a work of fiction credible.”  

(Translated from Italian)


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