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A good 2013 for Flemish cinema


- As annual data is released, the VAF reveals that Flemish films attracted 2 million spectators in 2013

A good 2013 for Flemish cinema
FC De Kampionen: Kampioen zijn blijft plezant by Eric Wirix

After a weak 2012, which only had one film reach more than 300,000 spectators (The Broken Circle Breakdown [+see also:
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interview: Felix Van Groeningen
interview: Felix Van Groeningen
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), 2013 marked a net improvement.

Heading box-office charts, a 100% local film: FC De KampionenKampioen zijn blijft plezant. This adaptation on the big screen of a Flemish television series from Een station, which aired between 1990 and 2011, attracted 386,000 spectators. Its success didn’t stop last year, with tickets sold now topping 720,000. And as is the case for many Flemish films, tickets sold happened across the country, beyond language borders. Other success stories from 2013 include Le Verdict [+see also:
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 by Jan Verheyen and Marina [+see also:
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 by Stijn Coninx, who respectively attracted 374,891 and 372,295 spectators. The latter, which is still showing in Ghent, will have reached 500,000 tickets sold by the time it is no longer showing.

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Flemish productions sold a total of 1,994,891 tickets last year, a decent step up from the 1.7 million of the previous year.

Abroad, Flanders Image counted 338 rewards compared to 298 of the previous year. These numbers are due to the success of Alabama Monroe, which was an Oscar finalist in 2014 for best foreign film. After attracting 402,727 spectators in 2012/13, the film was also successful through VOD (75,000), Blu-ray and DVD (41,0000) formats, before airing on VTM (796,535), for an estimated total of 1,390,262 spectators in Belgium.

(Translated from French)

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