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Alejandro Amenábar makes a return to genre films with Regression


- The Spanish-Chilean director is in Toronto winding up the shoot for his new feature, filmed in English and starring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson

Alejandro Amenábar makes a return to genre films with Regression
Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson in Regression

Spanish-Chilean director Alejandro Amenábar has once again stepped behind the camera five years after Agora [+see also:
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(2009) – perhaps his most personal, and certainly his most ambitious, work so far, despite it not having managed to win over the critics. On 10 June, he wrapped the shoot for Regression [+see also:
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interview: Alejandro Amenábar
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, which has been going on for eight weeks in Toronto. With this title, he is making a return to genre films, with which he previously obtained his biggest success to date: The Others, which brought in €200 million worldwide following its 2001 release. 

Regression, for which Amenábar himself wrote the screenplay, is being filmed in English and boasts an international cast headed by US actor Ethan Hawke and British actress Emma Watson, as well as Britain’s David Thewlis, Swedish actor David Dencik and Canada’s Lothaire Bluteau and Devon Bostick.

The story is set in Minnesota in 1990. Detective Bruce Kenner (Hawke) is investigating the case of Angela (Watson), a young woman who has accused her father, John Gray (Dencik), of having committed a shameful crime. When John, unexpectedly and without being able to recall what happened, admits his guilt, the renowned psychologist Dr Raines (Thewlis) gets involved in the case in order to help his repressed memories to resurface. But what they find out together exposes a sinister conspiracy.

Amenábar is once again relying on his production outfit, Himenóptero, together with Mod Producciones and Telecinco Cinema, just as he did for Agora. Joining forces with these companies are Spanish telecommunications behemoth Telefónica Studios and Canadian firm First Generation Films. The production has seen the involvement of FilmNation Entertainment, Telefilm Canada and Mediaset España, and the movie is produced by Amenábar himself, together with Fernando Bovaira and Christina Piovesan.

Regression will be distributed in the USA by Weinstein Company-Dimension from 28 August 2015. FilmNation Entertainment will be the movie’s international sales agent for all territories apart from the USA, Canada and Spain.

(Translated from Spanish)

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