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First "Action!" on 7 July for La stoffa dei sogni ("The Stuff Dreams Are Made of")


- The new movie by Gianfranco Cabiddu will be filmed on the island of Asinara and will star Sergio Rubini and Ennio Fantastichini as leads. A Paco Cinematografica production

First "Action!" on 7 July for La stoffa dei sogni ("The Stuff Dreams Are Made of")
Gianfranco Cabiddu

Filming for the new project La stoffa dei sogni, by Italian director, screenwriter and sound engineer Gianfranco Cabiddu (The Son of Bakunin), will begin on 7 July. Produced by Isabella Cocuzza and Arturo Paglia for Paco Cinematografica, the movie will be filmed on the island of Asinara (a Sardinian island that hosts the infamous maximum security prison, now in disuse) and will star Sergio Rubini and Ennio Fantastichini. The cast also includes French Gaïa Bellugi, Teresa Saponangelo, Renato Carpentieri, Francesco Di Leva and Ciro Petrone, with the participation of Luca De Filippo. 

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The screenplay, loosely based on Eduardo De Filippo's “L’Arte della Commedia” (the Art of Comedy) and on its translation of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, tells the tale of a company of theatre performers and some dangerous Mafia members on board a ship that sinks off the coast of an island. Not just any island, but Asinara, the prison-island in the middle of the Mediterranean, where it becomes difficult to distinguish between actors and criminals. A film about “the need for theatre in all societies, the link between reality and fiction, diversity, misunderstanding, revenge and pardon”, said the director.

La stoffa dei sogni is supported by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and by the Sardinia Film Commission, in association with Videoprogetti; it is financed and recognised as cultural interest by MiBACT (The Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities).

(Translated from Italian)


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