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Italian Race: Stefano Accorsi fancies the idea of being a daredevil


- The Vallelunga racing circuit is being used as the set for the new film by Matteo Rovere, which focuses on the world of racing cars

Italian Race: Stefano Accorsi fancies the idea of being a daredevil
Stefano Accorsi

Matteo Rovere is back behind the camera, following 2011’s Drifters [+see also:
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, directing an action film about the world of racing cars – a world that is very much beloved by its many fans, but not often depicted on the big screen. The movie, entitled Italian Race [+see also:
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interview: Matilda De Angelis
interview: Matteo Rovere
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and starring Stefano Accorsi, is produced by Domenico Procacci, of Fandango, together with Rai Cinema

Several scenes in the film are set during certain rounds of the ACI-CSAI 2014 Italian Gran Turismo Championship, thus seeing the involvement of the actual teams taking part in the competition. On 13 and 14 September, the film crew will be hosted by the Vallelunga racing circuit, one leg of the Gran Turismo championship.

Italian Race was written by Matteo Rovere, Filippo Gravino and Francesca Manieri. The DoP is Michele D'Attanasio, and editing will be entrusted to Gianni Vezzosi, while set design is by Alessandro Vannucci, costumes by Cristina La Parola and sound by Angelo Bonanni.

(Translated from Italian)

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