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The Romanian National Film Center announces grants for 2014


- Călin Peter Netzer receives the biggest grant for his romantic drama Ana, mon amour

The Romanian National Film Center announces grants for 2014
Călin Peter Netzer and Luminiţa Gheorghiu on the set of Child's Pose

Călin Peter Netzer has won the biggest grant – worth approximately €360,000 – at the latest project contest organised by the Romanian National Film Center. The director’s fourth feature, Ana, mon amour, is produced by Parada Film, represented by Oana Kelemen

Cristina Iacob’s How to Get Married in 3 Days received circa €270,000, while Iulia Rugină's Breaking News will be backed to the tune of €248,000. Spanish director Jesús del Cerro will use €204,000 for his Uruguay, and Stere Gulea will receive €226,000 for The Visit. Dumitru Tănase's Who Killed Christmas, Cornel Gheorghiţă's Old Age Without Youth and Dan Chişu's The Anniversary shared the rest of the €1.8 million set aside as part of the fiction-feature contest.

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Feature debuts shared approximately €680,000, with the biggest grant (€136,000) going to Mihaela Popescu's 6PM. Six other projects received amounts varying between €77,000 and €104,000. 

€170,000 was divided among seven short films, €375,000 among eight documentaries – including Beyond the Music, a Giuseppe Tornatore-directed documentary produced by Mandragora Movies – while six animations shared a total of €340,000. 

The contest was immediately met with strong reactions. Parada Film will call into question the amount received by Ana, mon amour, which should have been granted €675,000, according to the National Film Center’s rules. A group of established directors will contest the selection of the winners, while the grants for debut features were met with astonishment, as they are six to 15 times smaller than the average budget of a Romanian film.

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