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Paco León and Alexandra Jiménez try to get pregnant in Embarazados


- On 27 October, director Juana Macías will get the shoot under way for her second feature, a “peculiar and politically incorrect” romantic comedy

Paco León and Alexandra Jiménez try to get pregnant in Embarazados
Paco León

Director Juana Macías has everything at the ready to get started with the shoot for what will be her second feature, entitled Embarazados [+see also:
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(lit. “Pregnant”), which will kick off in 12 days’ time, on 27 October. For the lead roles in the movie, the Madrid-born director and screenwriter, who left a very positive impression at the Málaga Film Festival with her feature debut, Planes para mañana [+see also:
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(which was also a candidate for the Goya Award for Best New Director in 2010), will be pinning her hopes on a pair of popular actors, Paco León and Alexandra Jiménez.

According to the press release about the production, Embarazados will be a romantic comedy that is “peculiar and politically incorrect, which kicks off when love gets taken for granted, passes through disillusionment and break-up, and of course ends in reconciliation. The fate of our couple of protagonists will not be to fall in love, but rather to rediscover one another and fall in love again.”

The story will recount the trials and tribulations of a couple as they try to have a baby. Initially, it all seems very straightforward: sperm + egg = embryo. However, as the two protagonists will have the chance to find out, when you have “limited, lazy and abnormal” sperm and your 37-year-old wife is approaching the menopause, things start to get a little tricky.

In addition to León and Jiménez, the cast will include Ernesto Sevilla, Alberto Amarilla, Ainhoa Aierbe, Iñaki Font, Goizalde Núñez, Elisa Mouliaa, Belén López and Karra Elejalde.

Embarazados, a Kowalski Films, Monte Film and Teoponte PC production, will attempt to capitalise on the popularity that Spanish comedies have been enjoying for the past few months, thanks to the success of Spanish Affair [+see also:
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and Torrente 5: Operación Eurovegas.

The shoot will take place on location in Madrid and San Sebastián, and will last for six weeks in total.

(Translated from Spanish)

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