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LevelK takes new films by Bukh and Thomas Jensen to the AFM


- Anders Bukh’s feature debut, Encounters, should show that “we are also able to deliver sci-fi and horror”

LevelK takes new films by Bukh and Thomas Jensen to the AFM
Men and Chicken by Anders Thomas Jensen

Danish international sales agency LevelK will introduce two Danish films – and a Norwegian one – at the upcoming American Film Market in Santa Monica, Los Angeles (5-12 November): Danish directors Anders Bukh’s Encounters and Anders Thomas Jensen’s Men and Chicken [+see also:
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, and Norwegian director Tonje Hessen Schei’s documentary Drone

In Bukh’s feature debut, four young filmmakers travel into the Swedish woods to shoot yet another low-budget horror movie. Despite making fun of the clichés, they realise there is little to laugh about when they get lost and one of them disappears, only to return hours later, naked and in a catatonic state. 

“In Denmark, there is a strong tradition of thrillers and social realism, but no Danish film has yet succeeded in the sci-fi and horror genres – I wanted to prove that we are also capable there,” Bukh explained of his own and Kasper Graversen’s production for Encounters ApS and The Kompany Entertainment, respectively. Jacob Guldager, Signe Sørensen, Kristian Fjord and Casper Sloth play the leads.

Ten years after his last movie as director – the drama-thriller-comedy Adam’s Apples [+see also:
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interview: Anders Thomas Jensen
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interview: Tivi Magnusson
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(2005) – Thomas Jensen is readying his fourth feature, Men and Chicken, which LevelK will be pre-selling in Santa Monica. Having either written or co-written Danish director Susanne Bier’s six latest Danish films, he has cast Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas as two outcast brothers who reunite with their relatives in his black comedy; they then learn the cruel truth about themselves and their family. Tivi and Kim Magnusson are producing for M&M Productions, and the premiere is scheduled for 2015.

Already selected for Copenhagen’s CPH:DOX (6-16 November) and Amsterdam’s IDFA (19-30 November) documentary film festivals, Hessen Schei’s Drone will ”reveal crucial secrets of the CIA’s drone warfare and how it will change our future”. Young video-gamers, like 19-year-old Michael Haas, who has been playing since he was five, are being employed by the US Air Force to operate drones through their computers in order to kill people 7,000 miles away. Lars Løge and Johnny Holmvaag have produced the title for Flimmer Film and Radiator Film.

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