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Advance on receipts from the CNC for De sas en sas by Rachida Brakni


- The CNC will also be supporting the feature debuts by Gérard Pautonnier, Morgan Simon and Laurent Teyssier

Advance on receipts from the CNC for De sas en sas by Rachida Brakni
Actress and director Rachida Brakni

Four feature debut projects have been accepted during the fourth 2014 session of the CNC’s advance on receipts first committee. Among them is De sas en sas [+see also:
film profile
by actress Rachida Brakni, which will be produced by Capricci Films. Written by the newly turned filmmaker together with Raphaël Clairefond, the story kicks off one scorching-hot summer’s day as Fatma and her daughter, Nora, head over to Fleury-Mérogis Prison. When they get there, a small crowd of visitors is already gathered in the car park. The door of the jail opens – the first door, then the first security door, then the first corridor... It’s the start of a hellish journey to the visiting rooms, led by a small, very eclectic bunch of characters....

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An advance on receipts has also been granted to Back in Business [+see also:
film profile
by Gérard Pautonnier, who has been working with Joël Egloff to adapt the latter’s novel, Edmond Ganglion & fils, which tells the story of two grave diggers who are getting ready to bury a dead person who turns out to be not so dead after all. The feature will be produced by Elzévir Films, and co-produced by Belgian outfits Panache Productions and La Compagnie Cinématographique.

An advance has also been promised to Compte tes blessures [+see also:
film focus
interview: Morgan Simon
film profile
by Morgan Simon, which will be produced by Kazak Productions. Having already been selected by Emergence and the Ateliers d’Angers, and been nominated for the Junior Prize for Best Screenplay in 2014 (which will be awarded on 24 November), the project revolves around Vincent, who is not even 30 years old but has already covered half of his body in tattoos. Since his mother’s death, he has spent his life between Bastille and Porte de Clignancourt in Paris, working as a drill operator – a job he doesn’t like one bit – while his fishmonger father attempts to rebuild his life with a younger woman. And that is making him ill...

Lastly, the CNC will back Mauvais œil [+see also:
film review
interview: Laurent Teyssier
film profile
by Laurent Teyssier, which is to be produced by Tita Productions. Written by Guillaume Grosse, the story centres on Philippe, a former drug dealer who is being released from prison and finds out that his father, who has been a farmer for generations, is sick and crippled by debt. Seeking to win back the respect of his loved ones, Philippe decides to take over the family farm, but he swiftly realises that he will never be able to earn enough money to succeed in saving it and to stop the shed from being repossessed. So he decides to turn to one of the region’s biggest drug dealers and suggest that he use the shed as a cover: a single delivery with the aim of wiping out his father’s debts in one fell swoop...

(Translated from French)

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