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Quest for funding


- It's getting more and more difficult to find backing for children's films. Producer Pete Holhausen calls for more quality

Peter Holhausen, one of just a handful of Swedish producers specialised in films for children, spoke of the difficulties in producing this genre. Investors are reluctant to fund them and it is even more difficult to establish co-productions Holhausen said, “Children deserve quality, both in life and in the movies we make for them. That is what I aim at in my films.” He is convinced that children’s films have an important role to play in forming the adult population of the future and should be about important issues like life, death, love, hope and loss, and not mere fairy tales. He feels that children are well able to appreciate and learn from more seriously minded films, as long as they are well written and presented. Holhausen is currently producing two distinct projects about two city-born-and-bred orphan who are taken in by their grandmothers and must adapt to a new rural setting.

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