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Apulia National & International Film Fund to finance L'età d'oro


- Emanuela Piovano's new movie has been selected, as well as two short films, by the fund for film production in Apulia

Apulia National & International Film Fund to finance L'età d'oro
Turin director Emanuela Piovano

An old open-air theatre with a terrace overlooking the sea, in Monopoli (Apulia), will be the key location for L’età d’oro [+see also:
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(Golden Age),the movie by Turin director Emanuela Piovano (Le stelle inquiete [+see also:
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, Amorfù), starring Laura Morante, Lunetta Savino, Franco Ungaro and Lamberto Probo. Filming will begin on Monday 3 November and will continue until 6 December, between Monopoli and Otranto. The feature, produced by Kitchenfilm, obtained funding to the tune of 65,148,50 euro from the Apulia National & International Film Fund.

Used during World War II to show movies to the allied soldiers, and active until the 80s, the theatre was completely restructured and became an open-air cinema once again, fitted with original seats from the 50s, to share the passion for cinema. The main character (Morante) manages, between many difficulties, an open-air cinema theatre in a small village overlooking the sea, in southern Italy. When her doctor tells her that she has an incurable illness, and that she has not long left to live, she decides to call to her side her son and her old friends because she doesn't want her “little dream” to disappear along with her.

L’età d’oro is one of the three works financed, in the course of the 29 October 2014 session, as part of the Apulia National & International Film Fund (fund for film production in Apulia), a competitive grant that guarantees automatic and open support all year round, until the funding is used up, for a total of 99,600 euro and an impact in Italy equivalent to 314,880 euro. Two shorts feature alonside Piovano's movie: Tu non c’eri (lit. you weren't there) by Cosimo Damiano D’Amato (Fanfara Film, financed by 20 thousand euro) and Mattia sa volare (lit. Mattia can fly) by Alessandro Porzio (Diero, which obtained 14,451 euro).

(Translated from Italian)

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