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BLACK NIGHTS 2014 Industry

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Black Nights' Baltic Event features a vast number of projects across various sections


- The central event of Industry@Tallinn will take place from 26-28 November

Black Nights' Baltic Event features a vast number of projects across various sections

The central event of the Black Nights Film Festival's industry section is certainly the Baltic Event, which will take place from 26-28 November and will present 13 projects at its tenth Co-Production Market. Running for the 13th year in 2014, Baltic Event also highlights eight projects in the POWR Baltic Stories Exchange script and pitch workshop, eight projects in the Baltic Bridge East by West producers' workshop, and 17 Baltic and Finnish projects in the Works in Progress and Screenings sections.

Among the 13 projects from 11 countries at the Co-Production Market, there is an impressive number coming from established names, such as Blind Spot by Lithuania's Ignas Jonynas (The Gambler [+see also:
film review
film focus
interview: Ignas Jonynas
film profile
), The Survivalist by Latvian director Janis Nords and producer Alise Gelze (Mother, I Love You [+see also:
film profile
), Never Let It Go by Romania's Paul Negoescu (A Month in Thailand [+see also:
film review
film focus
interview: Paul Negoescu
film profile
), The Wounded Beast by Poland's Piotr Trzaskalski (My Father's Bike [+see also:
film profile
), The 30th Love by Russian producer Julia Mishkinene and award-winning director Angelina Nikonova (Welcome Home [+see also:
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), and Game Over by Ukraine's Olena Fetisova (the producer of Paradjanov [+see also:
film profile

Baltic Bridge East by West (B'EST) is a producers' workshop, which Baltic Event organises in conjunction with training programme EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs), RFilms and CTB Film Company (Russia). The training initiative, designed specifically for co-production projects between the European Union and the CIS countries, Georgia and Ukraine, consists of two workshops, held as part of Baltic Event in Tallinn and Moscow Business Square in June 2015. For the first time ever, B’EST is inviting four producers interested in working with another region to participate without a project. The eight projects from Estonia, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia include films by Jan Cvitkovič, Marteinn Thorsson, Martin Repka and Anna Fenchenko, among others.

Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2014 project list:
The 30th Love, producer Julia Mishkinene, Vita Aktiva, Russia, director Angelina Nikonova
Blind Spot, producer Kristina Ramanauskaite, Revoliucijos idėja, Lithuania, director Ignas Jonynas
Eternal Road, producer Ilkka Matila, Matila Röhr Productions, Finland, director Aku Louhimies
Game Over, producer Volodymyr Kozyr, Interfilm Production Studio, Ukraine, director Olena Fetisova
Impaled Rektum, producers Kai Nordberg, Kaarle Aho, Making Movies Oy, Finland, directors Jukka Vidgren, Juuso Laanto
Kids from the East, producer Michal Kráčmer,, Czech Republic, director Aramisova
Killer's Fee, producer Emma K Dixgård, Red Sister, Sweden, director Andreas Tibblin
Never Let It Go, producer Paul Negoescu, Papillon Film, Romania, director Paul Negoescu
Polar Boy, producer Priit Pääsuke, Luxfilm, Estonia, director Anu Aun
Ravens, producer Malte Forssell, Film and Art Affairs, Sweden, director Jens Assur
The Survivalist, producer Alise Gelze, Tasse Film, Latvia, director Janis Nords
The Wounded Beast, producer Roman Jedrkowiak, ADHD Warsaw, Poland, director Piotr Trzaskalski

Focus on Moldova:
How Far Is Europe, producers Igor Cobileanski, Dan Burlac, Brio Film Production, directors Igor Cobileanski, Valeriu Andriuta, Ion Sapdaru, Dorian Boguta, Pavel Cuzuioc, Dumitru Grosei

Baltic Bridge East by West (B’EST) project list:
The Flame Race 1980, producer Anneli Ahven, Kopli Kinokompanii, Estonia, director Ain Mäeots
The Lake, producer Erke Dzhumakmatova, Oymo Studio, Kyrgyzstan, directors Emil Atageldiev, Erke Dzhumakmatova
Our Family, producer Aleš Pavlin, Perfo, Slovenia, director Jan Cvitkovič
Protos, producer Marteinn Thorsson, Tenderlee Motion Pictures Company, Iceland, directors Marteinn Thorsson, Ottar Nordfjord, Gudni Lindal
Stockholm Syndrome, producers Kira Saksaganskaya, Olga Ailarova, Rock Films, Russia, director Elena Hazanov
Suleiman Mountain [+see also:
film profile
, producer Maria Yakubova, Trikita Entertainment, Russia, director Elizaveta Stishova
The Tattooist, producer Zuzana Mistríková, PubRes sro, Slovakia, director Martin Repka
The Woman from Ingria, producer Pavel Odynin, Pavel Odynin’s Film Company, Russia, director Anna Fenchenko

Participants without projects:
Raymond McCormack, Gambit Pictures Limited, Ireland          
Ekaterina Panova, Artline Films, France          
Vasilis Chrysanthopoulos, Plays2place Productions, Greece            
Fyodor Druzin, Curb Denizen Prod, Russia

POWR projects and screenwriters:
Popinjay, Ülo Pikkov, Estonia
The Deal, Jan Forsström, Finland
Piece by Piece, Juhana Lumme, Finland
The Underworld, Lassi Vierikko, Finland
Swimming Horses, Jukka Eggert, Finland
Ruta’s Road, Allan van OT Andersen and Richard Parkins, Lithuania
Artistic Syndrome, Stephen Hutton, Norway
Sunburned, Carolina Hellsgard, Sweden

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