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Six projects for the Franco-Greek Fund


- The first selection for the co-production support fund led by the CNC and the GFC includes the upcoming films by the Coulin sisters and Elina Psykou

Six projects for the Franco-Greek Fund
Directors Delphine and Muriel Coulin

Launched officially at Cannes last May by the CNC (National Centre of Cinematography and the Moving Image) and the GFC (Greek Film Centre), the bilateral fund aimed at encouraging co-productions of feature films between France and Greece has unveiled its first selection. The committee comprising Marie-Pierre Macia, Jacques Bidou, Eric Lagesse, Panos Koutras, Iris Zachmanidi and Yiannis Llioupoulos has chosen six projects (out of 14 hopefuls, including six French-initiative titles and eight Greek-initiative ones).

Among the successful candidates are Voir du pays [+see also:
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by Delphine and Muriel Coulin (read the news – produced by Archipel 35 – backed to the tune of €260,000), who rose to fame with 17 Girls [+see also:
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at the Cannes Critics’ Week in 2011, and Le fils de Sofia by Elina Psykou (Kinoelektron – €180,000), who won over the Berlinale Forum in 2013 with The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas [+see also:
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Also selected were Stage Fright by Yorgos Zois (EZ Films - €110,000), Happy Birthday by Christos Georgiou (Manny Films – €140,000), Athènes les éclats by Antoine Danis (L'œil sauvage – €50,000) and La femme de mon oncle Grec by Sandrine Dumas (Pio and Co – €60,000).

The budget of the fund for 2014 amounts to €1 million (€800,000 of which come from the CNC and €200,000 from the GFC). The next committee will be held in May 2015.

(Translated from French)

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