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The 2014 Márgenes transmedia festival gets going once again


- The fourth edition of the event, which screens films that were made under the industry radar, is being held from today onwards in Spanish and Latin American cities, and then online for free

The 2014 Márgenes transmedia festival gets going once again

Márgenes has already established itself as a benchmark: other film festivals keep a close eye on the emerging, highly demanding, radical, committed and unrestricted talent that is discovered at this gathering. Today sees the kick-off of its fourth edition, with the screening of Basilio Martín Patino. La décima carta and the handing out of an award to Gonzalo Suárez for his totally uninhibited career. The projections on the big screen will continue until 13 December in Madrid, Barcelona, Córdoba, Mexico City, Monterrey, Montevideo and Bogotá. From that date until the end of the month, viewers will be able to enjoy the movies free of charge via the website

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Diego Rodríguez, executive director of the festival, gave Cineuropa some details of the key ingredients of this event, which gains both viewers and relevance as time goes on: “It’s not down to us, but rather down to the creators themselves, who provide us with more and more stimulating titles every year. We think theatrical screening and online screening are compatible with one another: they don’t jostle each other for space, but they complement each other; if you can go to the cinema, just go ahead, because you’ll never see a film in any other place better than the way you’ll see it there. But there are people who don’t live in the cities where the movies will be shown,” he asserts.

This gathering – which has received small amounts of backing from the ICAA, the European Parliament, the Portuguese Embassy and the Andalusian Film Library – will see the participation of 12 titles hailing from Europe and Latin America, including The High Pressures [+see also:
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and Sueñan los androides [+see also:
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The festival, which, according to Rodríguez, “survives on voluntary work, with external partners who are interested in what it has to say and in keeping costs low, making cutbacks everywhere”, is the most visible spearhead of the Márgenes project, which organises a variety of film-related activities. Specifically, Joaquim Pinto will be in Madrid to give a master class on the 12th, ahead of the screening of What Now? Remind Me [+see also:
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, thus marking a happy ending to the showcase that Márgenes is dedicating to the Portuguese filmmaker.

(Translated from Spanish)

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