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BERLIN 2015 Sweden / Denmark

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Two Swedish movies and one Danish film selected in Berlin’s Generation programme


- Beata Gårdeler’s Flocking, Sanna Lenken’s My Skinny Sister, and Jannik Hastrup and Flemming Quist Møller’s Mini and the Mozzies have made the cut

Two Swedish movies and one Danish film selected in Berlin’s Generation programme
Mini and the Mozzies (© Dansk Tegnefilm)

Swedish directors Beata Gårdeler’s Flocking [+see also:
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 and Sanna Lenken’s My Skinny Sister [+see also:
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have been selected for next year’s Berlin International Film Festival, both in the Generation programme consisting of films for children and young audiences – Flocking in Generation 14plus and My Skinny Sister in Generation Kplus. 

Produced for 2afilm by Annika Hellström and Agneta Fagerström-Olsson, from an original screenplay by Emma Broström, Gårdeler’s second feature follows 14-year-old Jennifer, who claims she has been raped by a classmate; the accusation starts a witch-hunt, with the whole community turning against her and her family. 

In Lenken’s feature debut, 12-year-old Stella wants to be like her seemingly perfect older sister Katja, a talented figure skater who appears to succeed in everything. But Katja is suffering from an eating disorder, which is gradually destroying their family. Lenken wrote the script for Annika Rogell (of Tangy) to produce.

Meanwhile, Danish directors Jannik Hastrup and Flemming Quist Møller’s fully animated Mozzies characters will return to the Generation KPlus programme: in 2007, A Tale of Two Mozzies screened in the selection, while next year, it will be followed by Mini and the Mozzies.

Quist Møller (who also created the Amazon Jack film and TV series, which ran from 1993-2007) has scripted the story of Mini the mini-beetle and his adventures as he appears in a flea circus. The title was produced by Marie Bro, for Dansk Tegnefilm, while TrustNordisk handles international sales.

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