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Two Belgian feature debuts for the 19th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session


- Two Belgian feature debuts and two high-profile co-productions, spanning laughter and tears, are on the programme of the 19th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session

Two Belgian feature debuts for the 19th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session
Fabrizio Rongione, who toplines the two selected debut films

For its 19th selection session, the Wallimage/Bruxellimage board has chosen to support two totally different Belgian feature-debut projects. On one hand, the board has selected Les Survivants by renowned screenwriter Luc Jabon, who will be dabbling in feature-debut territory for the first time, having just wrapped a documentary on the Dardenne brothers’ body of work, called L’Age de raison, le cinéma des frères Dardenne, which he co-directed with Alain Marcoen; Marcoen is also set to be his DoP on the upcoming film. Les Survivants [+see also:
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 follows an attempt to rehabilitate a former revolutionary activist following an 18-year stretch in prison; he now finds himself having to face up to the crumbling of his old ideals. The movie is produced by Iris Film, and the shoot will get under way next month in Belgium and Luxembourg. The cast will include such performers as Fabrizio Rongione, Erika Sainte and Christian Crahay.

Fabrizio Rongione will also feature in the credits for the other debut film being supported, Faut pas lui dire [+see also:
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by Solange Cicurel. An ensemble comedy, Faut pas lui dire follows the story of three cousins who, while they are organising the wedding of one of them, discover that the husband-to-be is unfaithful. Should they spill the beans out of loyalty to their friend or keep the secret to protect the bride-to-be? A top-notch array of Belgian actors will be jostling for position in the film’s credits: Marie Gillain, Tania Garbarski, Stéphanie Crayencour, Laurent Capelluto, Charlie Dupont, Clément Manuel, Fabio Zenoni and Flemish actor Geert van Rampelberg.

As usual, Wallimage/Bruxellimage has also accepted some high-profile co-productions, starting with L’Aréoport, the new project by duo Eric & Ramzy. Here, we find the two troublemakers taking on the roles of elite pilots, as they get ready for a space mission. But after they emerge from a rather turbulent training session in a centrifuge, they find that they have changed slightly. The film will be staged in Belgium by Nexus. Eternité, the first French-language film by Tran Ahn Hung, will also be supported but will adopt a totally different style. The family drama spans three generations and boasts a first-rate cast (Audrey Tauotu, Mélanie Laurent, Bérénice Bejo, Louis Garrel and Melvil Poupaud). The movie is co-produced in Belgium by Artemis

Lastly, Wallimage/Bruxellimage will also be backing La Route des Lacs [+see also:
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, a TV film by Rachid Bouchareb, as well as the series Ennemi Public

(Translated from French)

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