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Filming gets off the ground for Non essere cattivo by Claudio Caligari


- The first take today for the new movie by the creator of Toxic Love and The Scent of the Night. Starring Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi with deputy producer Valerio Mastandrea

Filming gets off the ground for Non essere cattivo by Claudio Caligari
Luca Marinelli, hero of the film

Filming begins in Ostia today of Claudio Caligari's new movie, Non essere cattivo [+see also:
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 (lit. Behave). The creator of Toxic Love (a brutal tale of heroin addiction in the 80s, Special Prize at the 40th Venice Film Festival) and The Scent of the Night (about a merciless gang of thieves led by a policeman, also selected in Venice) makes a return to directing with a story set in the 90s in Ostia and in the outskirts of Rome, in a world where, destitute or not, everything revolves around money, and where powerful cars, nightclubs, synthetic drugs and cocaine "are easy to come by".

The screenplay, written by the director together with Francesca Serafini and Giordano Meacci, has as its protagonists Vittorio and Cesare, barely in their twenties, both in search of success. Their initiation into this life comes at a very high price and Vittorio, to save himself, distances himself from Cesare, who instead founders inexorably. But the bond that unites them is so powerful that Vittorio will never truly abandon his friend, always hoping to be able to look afresh at the future, together.

Luca Marinelli (The Solitude of Prime Numbers [+see also:
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) and Alessandro Borghi are the two main characters. The movie also stars Silvia d'Amico (So Far So Good [+see also:
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) and Roberta Mattei. Filming will take place between Ostia and Fiumicino, and will last six weeks. The movie is produced by Kimerafilm with Rai Cinema and Taodue and financed and recognised as of cultural interest by MiBACT. Deputy producer is actor Valerio Mastandrea, who was the protagonist of Cagliari's The Scent of the Night. Photography is entrusted to Maurizio Calvesi, whose partners include Dino Risi, Francesco Nuti, Roberto Faenza, Roberto Andò and Ferzan Ozpetek.

(Translated from Italian)

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