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Álex de la Iglesia invites us to spend the night with him in Mi gran noche


- The shoot for one of the most eagerly awaited Spanish films of the year has begun, marking a return to the big screen for the singer Raphael

Álex de la Iglesia invites us to spend the night with him in Mi gran noche
Director Álex de la Iglesia

Mi gran noche (lit. “My Big Night”) is one of those songs that simply cannot fail to liven up a party or a karaoke session. The person who performed it, crooner Raphael, was also behind another song that lent its name to one of Álex de la Iglesia’s previous films: Balada triste de trompeta [+see also:
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(The Last Circus). Now, the collaboration between the Andalucian artist and the Basque filmmaker will intensify even further thanks to a movie that has the same title as the aforementioned ditty and is kicking off its shoot in Madrid. It is produced by Enrique Cerezo and Telefónica Studios, with backing from the Ministry of Culture, Canal+ and Televisión Española

Raphael, who will play a cruel male diva, will be joined in this eccentric comedy by Álex de la Iglesia’s usual troupe: Mario Casas, Terele Pávez, Carlos Areces, Enrique Villén, Santiago Segura, Hugo Silva and Carolina Bang. They will all find themselves tangled up in a plot – a story brimming with deceit and confusion – that unfolds at the height of summer in a television studio, where filming is taking place for one of those festive programmes that get broadcast on New Year’s Eve. 

With Mi gran noche [+see also:
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, the director of Dying of Laughter hopes to free us from the wretchedness of the modern world and whisk us away to a parallel universe where we can let off steam and enjoy ourselves because “comedy is the acid that dissolves that pain imposed on us by the prevailing logic. This movie will be a mirror that warps reality, altering it and thus making it recognisable,” asserts the filmmaker.

According to De la Iglesia, the film will also be “a whirlwind of rapid dialogues in sequences that seem like frantically fast-paced musical numbers that will overwhelm the audience. The camera will not stay still, moving around just like another character, trying to capture that sensation of an absurd merry-go-round. A theme park inhabited by cruel monsters and clowns. A huge Dionysian ritual in which the viewers will find that they themselves are part of the pantomime.”   

(Translated from Spanish)

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