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Nastri d’Argento for Costanza Quatriglio and Giorgio Treves


- The Italian Union for Cinema Journalists thus completes its list of winners for last season’s documentaries awarding Triangle and Gian Luigi Rondi: Vita, cinema, passione

Nastri d’Argento for Costanza Quatriglio and Giorgio Treves
Triangle by Costanza Quatriglio

Nastri d’Argento for Costanza Quatriglio, who wins with Triangle following Terramatta [+see also:
interview: Costanza Quatriglio
film profile
and for Giorgio Treves, creator of the movie dedicated to Gian Luigi Rondi, Gian Luigi Rondi: Vita, cinema, passione: these are the awards for the best documentaries in the ‘nonfiction film’ and ‘film and entertainment’ sections for the jury of the Sindacato nazionale giornalisti cinematografici (Italian Union for Cinema Journalists) that thus completes its list of winners for last season’s documentaries. 

In addition to the above mentioned three Ribbons of the year are the awards for the best films of 2014, which tonight at the Casa del Cinema in Rome (20h) will be taken home by Gianni Amelio, Gabriele Salvatores and Walter Veltroni for Felice chi è diverso [+see also:
film profile
Italy in a Day [+see also:
film review
film profile
, Quando c’era Berlinguer: three ‘snapshots’ of a picture of Italy offered by nonfictional film this year, via society, daily life and memory, not just politics.

Special awards, from the cinema journalists, go to the movie by Jacopo Quadri La scuola d’estate (lit. The Summer School), a beautiful documentary about theatre training with Luca Ronconi, to La zuppa del demonio [+see also:
film profile
(lit. The Devil’s Soup) by Davide Ferrario, to Giulio Andreotti Il cinema visto da vicino (lit. Giulio Andreotti Cinema close-up) by Tatti Sanguineti and to the documentary by Giancarlo Soldi Nessuno siamo perfetti (lit. Nobody’s Perfect), about the creator of Dylan Dog, Tiziano Sclavi. 

Finally, a Special Nastri d’Argento goes to Marco Spagnoli creator of about ten movies in five years, including his most recent, in 2014, about Sophia Loren, Walt Disney in Italia and especially about Enrico Lucherini: Ne ho fatte di tutti i colori

A group mention for the project about ‘the birthday’ of the Luce Insitute 9x10 Novanta, made, rightly, by nine young directors who drew images and suggestions from afar. 

Finally the award that distinguished Qualcosa di noi by Wilma Labate with a prize to the best documentary actor of the year, Jana, 46 years old, a prostitute since she was 11, who on the hills of Sasso Marconi, filmed by Labate, gives her lessons about sexuality, starting with money and the body, to twelve students from a writing school.

The finalists this year were chosen by journalists from the SNGCI among the documentaries – over 50 movies, entered as 50% in the  selection that came before the ‘five nominees’– screened at the biggest festivals  (then released in cinemas or on DVD, or broadcast on a TV network) between 1st January and 31 December 2014.

(Translated from Italian)

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