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Bif&st 2015: at "Cinema Master Classes" with the experts


- From Alan Parker to Nanni Moretti including Annaud, Costa-Gavras, Scola, Wajda, Reitz and von Trotta, who will present the Italian premiere of her latest movie, The Misplaced World

Bif&st 2015: at "Cinema Master Classes" with the experts
Director Alan Parker

A fantastic parterre de rois, composed of eight great European directors, is set to take the stage of the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari from 21 to 28 March to hold the always unmissable Cinema Master Classes of the Bif&st, the festival hosted by Ettore Scola and directed by Felice Laudadio, organised in collaboration with the Fipresci, the world Federation of Cinema Critics that will celebrate in Bari its 90th anniversary.

The eight Master Classes, each preceded by a film from its “Maestro”, will begin with Sir Alan Parker; the lesson will be inspired by his 1978 movie Midnight Express. Then it will be French director Jean-Jacques Annaud's turn. He will hold his lesson following a screening of his 1998 movie Seven Years in Tibet, pending the Italian preview, on the same evening, of his new film Wolf Totem [+see also:
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. Greek director Costa-Gavras will for his lesson draw on his 2002 movie Amen, about the controversial relationship between Pope Pius XII and the Nazi regime. Then it will be time for a great maestro of Italian cinema, Ettore Scola, who will hold his master class following the screening of his 1977 film a Special Day

Polish Andrzej Wajda will recount his 50 years of filmmaking starting with one of his latest movies: the 2007 film Katyn [+see also:
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interview: Andrzej Wajda
interview: Michal Kwiecinski
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, about the Soviets' crimes in Poland at the beginning of World War II. Another legendary director, German Edgar Reitz, creator of Heimat, will base his class on the recently restored episode Hermännchen from the TV series that's also on the big screen. With Marianne and Juliane Margarethe von Trotta received in Venice in 1981 the Golden Lion and the Fipresci Award. This film will provide the basis for the German director's Master Class. On the same night, together with protagonist Katja Riemann she will present the all-time Italian premiere of her latest movie The Misplaced World [+see also:
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Finally, another great Italian director included in the Cinema Master Classes panel Nanni Moretti will close the festival. She will give a surprise “Class” that will commence after a screening of Caro Diario (lit. Dear Diary).

All the directors will receive the Fipresci 90 Platinum Award. Nanni Moretti will also receive the Federico Fellini Platinum Award for Cinema Excellence during the festival closing Petruzzelli soiree.

(Translated from Italian)

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