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Fanciful: Intergenerational conflict


- Today sees Kino Swiat release Katarzyna Jungowska’s film in theatres, a title that was unveiled at the Warsaw Film Festival and won the Morgenstern Award for Best Feature Debut

Fanciful: Intergenerational conflict
Fanciful by Katarzyna Jungowska

The curiosity of the public and Polish film-industry professionals is certainly being piqued today with the theatrical release of Fanciful [+see also:
film profile
 (Piąte: Nie odchodź!) by Katarzyna Jungowska, which was revealed at the Warsaw Film Festival and won the Morgenstern Award for Best Feature. Indeed, the director is the daughter of well-known Polish actress Grazyna Szapolowska, who has earned herself the nickname “the most passionate lover of Polish cinema”, and has acted for such filmmakers as Kieslowski and Wajda.

The plot of Fanciful (which features a screenplay written by Wojciech Lepianka and Eric Stepniewski) revolves around a teenager named Roma, who lives with her father. But as her dad is totally snowed under with work and has no time to devote to his daughter, their relationship becomes totally shallow and seems bereft of emotion. In response, the young girl signs up for an intensive dance class. A stranger then suddenly appears in her life, whom Roma starts to see as her “guardian angel”... 

“Through this film, I wanted to talk about intergenerational conflict, but also about good and evil, and show that we have to believe that we love each other even if we sometimes don’t understand one another at all,” stressed Katarzyna Jungowska following the screening of the film at the Warsaw Film Festival.

In addition to Michalina Olszanska and Lukasz Simlat, the cast includes Daniel Olbrychski in the role of a mysterious man who moves into a house neighbouring that of Roma and her father.

Produced by Aromer S.C. studios and Orka, Fanciful benefited from backing from the Polish Film Institute. Distribution in Polish theatres is handled by Kino Swiat

(Translated from French)

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