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From Out of Nature to a year on his own balcony


- Ole Giæver has further developed his personal and philosophical themes for On the Balcony, which the Norwegian Film Institute has supported

From Out of Nature to a year on his own balcony
Director Ole Giæver (left) shooting On the Balcony

In Out of Nature [+see also:
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interview: Ole Giæver
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(2014), a family father in his 30s goes on a weekend hiking trip, during which he is on his own and forced to confront the way he lives his life. Featured naked from the waist down on the poster for his second feature, Norwegian director Ole Giæver, who wrote, directed and starred in the film (which received the Europa Cinemas Label at the Berlin International Film Festival), has further developed his personal and philosophical themes for his new movie, On the Balcony

The Norwegian Film Institute has allocated €0.6 million in production funding (from a €12.2 million feature support package) to the film, which will shoot over 12 months on Giæver’s balcony; as with Out of Nature, it will be staged by Norwegian producer Maria Ekerhovd for her Bergen- and Tromsø-based Mer Film production offices. 

The institute also backed Norwegian director David Reiss-Andersen’s feature debut, Thieves, which will be shot from his own screenplay. Two adult siblings have over the years, and through their choices in life, drifted apart – but when the sister is arrested for shoplifting, she contacts her brother for help. Reiss-Andersen has directed several award-winning shorts, as well as adverts and music videos for his own company, Pravda, for which John Einar Hagen will produce the film.

Three minor Norwegian co-productions were granted institute funding: Swedish director Mia Engberg's Lucky (Norwegian producer: Mechanix Film); Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland’s Danish film A Conspiracy of Faith [+see also:
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(Zentropa International Norway); and Finnish director Saara Cantell’s Tacit Wisdom (Pomor Films).

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