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ANEC, a conference on re-launching theatres, production and creativity


- On 16 and 17 April, the Italian association of exhibitors will meet with writers, producers and institutions to reflect on ways of supporting the market

ANEC, a conference on re-launching theatres, production and creativity

Movie theatres, production and creativity, and how to support and re-launch these, are the topics that will be discussed at the conference, organised by ANEC - the Italian National Association of Film Exhibitors, presided over by Luigi Cuciniello - which will be held in Rome on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 April.

These will be two days of meetings with writers, producers, other industry partners and institutions to reflect on the re-launch of the movie theatre market, the future of the sector, and national production, also in light of the announced measures for reforming the film industry. Discussions will take place on creative content and the involvement of the public, and the role of exhibition and market data, in the context of public and private support and European policy.

The conference, which will take place at Agis (Via di Villa Patrizi 10), will be enriched by an in-depth analysis of the administrative elements associated with film exhibition with a view to re-launch and development: unresolved issues, legislation currently in force and planned amendments, particularly with regard to taxation and urban restrictions, new technologies and promotional activities.

For ANEC, ways of supporting theatres need to be studied in coordination with production and distribution, and with the involvement of writers, to ensure that investments in the sector pick up, and to re-launch employment, also by recognising new professions. The involvement of the Institutions, as well as central and local government, is essential for guiding cinema, and exhibition in particular, towards these objectives in a coordinated way.

Representatives from the Institutions and the filmmaking world (producers, distributors, writers) will speak on these topics at the conference.

(Translated from Italian)

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